Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Working out is always so much more fun when you have new gym wear. So when you ever get the feeling that you lack motivation to go to the gym, just buy something new. It doesn´t have to be the whole outfit, just one item. I just got this Under Armor top last weekend and wore it to the gym on Saturday, along with my new sneakers. I bought the top from another girl in a Facebook group called "Til sölu íþróttavörur" or in English "Sport wear/apparel for sale". I got it almost never used for a 1/3 of it´s original price! Not bad at all! The sneakers I got with a store credit I have had since! Better late then never, right?

This was my workout:
Walking on treadmill with incline for 15 minutes

Sitting leg curls: 4*15
Glute kickbacks kneeling using the smith machine 4*12 each leg
Reverse hip abduction using the abduction machine 4*12
Glute kickbacks in a machine 4*12 each leg
Lying leg curls HEAVY 3*8-10

Starimaster/Stepper for 10 minutes

One legged static lunges, go deep 4x10
Stiff legged deadlifts with barbell 4x10
Cable pull throughs 4x15

Stairmaster/Stepper for 10 minutes

Smith machine squats, go VERY deep 5*15

Walking on treadmill with incline for 20 minutes

Hamstrings and glutes are my favorite body parts to work on, so sometimes it´s hard to stop. Plus I like to do a little extra on Saturdays so I have extra credit for candy LOL. But if you wanna try a KILLER workout and have at least 1,5 hours, I recommend you try this one :) 


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