Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Home alone

Last saturday my daughter went to Sweden - without me! She is staying in Helsinborg with her team at a gymnastic-camp called Eurogym, along with about 800 other Icelandic girls and in total I think the camp has 5000 visitiors!! Crazy! But so much fun for her. I am so happy that she was able to go, it is such a good experience for kids to do something like this.
My beautiful daughter in her Iceland sweater for Eurogym

Leaving for the airport, everything ready!
I´ve been getting snapchats from her and the girls are posting on instagram as well, and they are having so much fun. Shopping at stores we don´t have in Iceland (like New Yorker and H&M), eating ice cream, enjoying the sun and of course doing activites in the camp. Whilst I´m here just working and not enjoying the weather. LOL. It´s been raining the whole time! I am so hating this weather here these days. Hope it will change soon....yes, there is always hope!

I just try to dress in summer clothes, and hope that it will affect the weather....so for, it´s not working. But I´ll keep trying, for sure :)

Summer - outfit in the rain !



Anonymous said...

I love your patterned vest! It must feel weird being at home on your own, maybe treat yourself to a few chick flick films?! :)

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Rosa Soffia Haraldsdottir said...

Thank you Gabrielle :) I most definitely will do that <3