Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Akureyri - weekend away!

Well, today it´s back to business!

I had a great holiday weekend in Akureyri with my daughter and our friends. We drove for almost 5 hours on Friday and almost as soon as we got there we all walked downtown, listened to some musical performances, gave the kids candyfloss and had fun at the tivoli. The weather was really good the whole weekend, even though the nights were pretty cold, it didn´t rain and the sun was shining during the day. In Iceland, I would call that lucky!

First pit stop on our drive to Akureyri

Eating my dinner on the way

Eín eating her dinner

Me and my friend Edda started the Saturday by going to the gym and doing a killer glute and hamstring workout! We had so much fun and Edda could barely walk the day after!! I´ve been doing glutes every other day these past few weeks so I was doing ok J

Ready to go workout!

Edda doing reverse hip abduction

Me doing reverse hip abduction

The gym in Akureyri "Átak" had some pretty great view

After the workout we all went out for lunch at a place called Bryggjan. The food there was so amazing and everybody was extremely happy with what they ordered. Me and Edda had some coctails as well....I mean, why not?? We were on a holiday and they sounded sooooo good, and OMG they tasted even better. The coctail was called Gló and had Passoa, peach liquour, mixed juice, limon juice and sprite! Best coctail ever!

The rest of the day and evening we spent mostly downtown. Me and Elín, my daughter, also went to visit some family that lives in Akureyri and the Christmas house (Jólahúsið), and then we all had some ice cream at Brynja as well.

Elín having fun in a water baloon

Elín and Lilja enjoying Brynja ice cream

The christmas house

Elín taking a photo of "Grýla" throught the rocks

Me in the christmas house

We bought this!!

They have a lot of different flavoured caramels in the christmas house

Retro Stefsson playing downtown!

Me and Edda having fun :)
We woke up pretty exhausted on Sunday, but still decided to go downtown to check out the market and have some mexican lunch at Serrano. We also had tickets to see the Icelandic Circus and they were pretty great!! It was a show for the whole family, so it had all kinds of jokes and stunts that suited all ages!

The Icelandic Circus

We started the drive back home late in the afternoon and brought two of Edda´s kids with us, and their grandma picked them up on the way. Me and Elín then went straight to bed when we got home and spent all day yesterday just resting and watching TV. Exhausted and bloated!



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