Wednesday, July 9, 2014

How I use Brazilian tan

Well, since I live in the land of Ice I don´t get much sun. I don´t want to use tanning beds because it seriously increases the risk of getting skin cancer, and it can also make your skin wrinkle faster than "normal". So over the winter I use fake tan every (other) week. I think I look more fresh and healthier with a little bit of tan, but that´s because without it I am super super super white. When I have my fake tan on I am still lighter than a lot of joke!!! I know it´s not winter now, but nevertheless, there is no sun here I decided to take things into my own hand!

I have tried a few brands of fake tan, but I am most comfortable with using Brazilian tan. I have been hearing a lot about St. Tropez so maybe in the future I will check that out, but only because I like experimenting with new things, Brazilian tan is awesome and gives a very even and real looking tan. I put it on last night and I got sooo many comments today about how good my tan was looking and questions about what methods I used to get it and so on. So I decided to share with you guys how I do it :)

At first make sure you are recently shaved (if you shave with the tan on, the tan will go off as well as the hairs). I always take a hot bath before and scrub my skin so it´s super clean. After I´ve dried I put on lots of moisturizer to get my skin real soft.

These are the moisturizers I use, both from Nivea. One for face and one for body :) 
I wait about 20 minutes to let the moisturizer really sink in and then I put on my latex gloves and start tanning.

Tan and gloves ready :) 
I start at my toes and work my way up. Make sure to have a good lighting so you can see everything you are doing. Don´t rub too hard, just make sure you get every spot. I don´t put as much on my face as I do on the body. I usually get help with the middle spot on my back from my daughter, but when she is not able to help I just do it myself. It is kind of difficult, but doable LOL. Be really careful when doing the fingers, less is more in that area, it is really hard to hide it if you mess that part up!

When finished I let it dry for just a couple of minutes. The good thing about Brazilian tan is that it dries really quickly. But it kind of be prepared for that. Then I put on some baggy pants and a baggy underwear (you will get marks from anything tight) and then I go straight to bed.

In the morning when I wake up I start washing my face with a hot wet wash cloth. If I see any uneven tan on my body I use the wash cloth on those too (if any then usually on the fingers, toes and/or elbows). Then I take a shower and wash up with soap. Just like a normal shower lol :) After I´ve dried I put on a lot of moisturizer again. This is too get rid of the remainings of the tan smell,  to prevent the skin from getting dry and to make the tan last longer. I usually don´t wear tight jeans the first day after tanning, since I have gotten white lines after the inseam in the past.

Before and after. Not the same lighting but you can definitely see that the tan looks good :) 

Happy with my tan this morning :) 

Hope this can help someone out with using fake tan 



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