Monday, July 7, 2014

TV, fire and a bathroom selfie

The weather here in Iceland has been so dreadful this summer. It´s been rainy and windy almost the whole summer, except for a couple of days. I think we have had 3 or 4 sunny days! Now that´s not even funny. I really do hope that we will get more sun before the summer is over. We need it!!!

I went to Akranes this weekend for the Irish days like I told you about the other day, but I didn´t take photos like I promised you....because the weather was so awful, it was hard enough just being outside....without trying to get some good photos. But the weekend was fun, I spent time with a friend, my mum and got some "new" second hand clothes. I also finished watching "The Blacklist" series. I highly recommend that you watch it if you like to watch good TV. James Spader is brilliant in his role and the show gets a 8.2 on

The lead actors in The Blacklist
Last night there was a very big fire here in the capital city. We don´t have a lot of big fires like these so A LOT of people went on the scene to watch the firefighters working and you know, just for the sake of curiosity. Me and my daughter were among those people. The buildings were empty at the time so no people got hurt! :)

The snapchat I sent to my friends at the scene

I´m probably not the best paparazzi lol
Yesterday I got a new food plan from my trainer. So today I started carb cycling. I can´t wait to see how that will work for me. Day 1 (today) is high carbs, day 2 is medium carbs and the third day will be low carbs. Then this will cycle for some time (except for Saturdays as cheat days). So exciting :)

Last Saturday I went to the gym, and in the midst of my workout I went to the bathroom. As I often do, after I've done my bathroom business, I take a selfie or two.....and someone walked in on me!!!! I obviously forgot to lock the door. OMG it was so embarrassing. But thank the lord I wasn't sitting on the toilet though.

The gym-selfie that almost cost me my dignity
From now on I will always double check the locks!! 


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