Monday, July 28, 2014

My weekend and plans for next weekends

I was home alone this weekend so it was pretty laid back and unproductive.Yesterday (Sunday) I was feeling a bit under the weather so I didn´t go out at all. I watched 4 movies during the day and fell asleep A LOT and every time I had a strange dream that was so clear in my head when I woke up that I had to think if it was real or not.....that´s fever for you! But I´m all better now :) 

I always start my Saturday mornings by weighing myself and take my measurements. Just to make sure that I am making some progress, and not getting stuck. This week I had really great results and posted this pic on my instagram to brag about it lol :)

Starting to noticing the changes in my body - finally!!
Afterwards I went for my Saturday workout, which as always, was a hamstring and glute (and abs) workout. My absolute favorite kind of workout! I wore my Nike training sweater that I bought in Orlando last December but have never worn it before because I totally forgot about it!!! 

Later in the day I relaxed in front of my TV, rented a movie and had me some candy :) 

Next two weekends are gonna be a lot busier for me. Next weekend I am travelling to Akureyri with my daughter and we will be staying with my friends that live there. This weekend is a big travelling weekend here in Iceland, there are festivals all over the place and one of the bigger ones is in Akureyri. There will be a carnival, lots of musical performances, markets, circus and plenty more! We are so excited! The drive takes about 4-5 hours depending on the weather and traffic and I draw a green line on this map so you can see what the drive looks like (I am travelling from Kópavogur where I live, to Akranes to pick up my daughter who is staying there with her dad, and then from there we go to Akureyri)

The weekend after that I will be going to Egilsstaðir with my mum, dad and my daughter and we will be staying in a summer house there to celebrate my mum´s 60th birthday! We will drive in the opposite direction and that´s gonna be an 8 hour drive at least. We will probably make a few stops on the way and I will be taking photos of the amazing Icelandic landscape to post here. I am so excited since I have never been to the east side of Iceland before!! Yes, I have lived here for 33 years and not even seen 1/2 of the country!! lol (kind of embarrasing so don´t tell anyone ok? ) 


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Анна-Алина Гевелюк said...

really love this post! Its like motivation for me start to workout again.