Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Personal planner

I want to get myself a personal planner so I was browsing the internet to find some interesting sites that sell ones that you can personalize for yourself. I came across this site: and it looks like a good option. Have any of you ordered from them and if so, how did you like?

I don´t want to get some plain black or white planner with just a few lines on each day. I want to be able to organize everyday; my meals, my workouts, my goals, my blog, my personal training clients and well, just about everything I do, all in the same place. I´ve tried that with the usual planners, and its just not working out so good. Everything starts to look messy and than after a while I give up. But I feel if I would make my own planner myself it would be more useful to me, plus it would look excactly the way I wanted it to look!

This is a sample on how one week could look like

A lot of choices!!

You can even choose your own cover!

Another sample of one week

It all looks so amazing! I am pretty sure that I´m going to get myself one of these.
Would be nice to hear from you though, if you have expreience in this matter :)

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