Sunday, June 22, 2014

Progress update

The other day I promised you guys a progress update. I had my measurements taken last weekend after 6 weeks of online training with my new trainer. Through this time I have lost 3% body fat and 2,5 kilos (I now have a 17% body fat and weigh 59 kilos). My muscle weigh almost the same as from the beginning which means that I am losing fat while holding on to my muscles, and that´s just the way it´s supposed to be. I am extremely happy with the results. All my hard work, dedication and sacrifices is starting to show, thankfully! Now there are 21 weeks til the competition (Icelandic Cup, November 15th) and I will be competing in módelfitness, which is the Icelandic version of bikini fitness.

Before Saturday gym session - waist coming in nicely :) 
I often here that I look very different in the gym than I do in my daily life. Sometimes I just put on a pair of jeans and people tell me how nice I look. I guess that means that I must look so dreadful in the gym! Lol. Although its probably true. I don't wear make up in the gym (apart from my eyebrows, I don't leave the house without doing my eyebrows EVER), I put my hair in a pony tail and I sweat A LOT....and I mean A LOT! I like to wear nice clothes to the gym most of the time, but apart from that I don't worry about how I look there. I just want to work hard and get results!! That is my main focus at the gym! Yesterday I decided to take before and after photos of me just to see the difference:

Me at home, heading to the gym. 

Me after the gym, all sweaty and stuff 

And me after showering, washing and drying hair and with make up on :) 
I think it is safe to say that there is a difference. Lol. After my workout yesterday me and my daughter went to the shopping mall and got her some new shoes. We shared a fruit smoothie at Te og Kaffi and went store to store just browsing. Saturdays are our "candy days". We buy ourselves candy and have a dinner that is not so healthy. We always order in pizza or go to Serrano for some Mexican food. But this time around we decided to change things up. We went to a grill called Roadhouse and had some chicken fingers and home made double fried fries. OhMyLord it was so good. All deep fried and disgusting though! Totally worth it!

Me at Roadhouse

My daughter is at that age now where photographs are really sensitive so I don't get to take a lot of photos of her. Such a shame. Photos of me will have to do! 

Hope you guys enjoyed your weekend and some good food as well :) 


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