Saturday, June 28, 2014

My pet peeves in social media

Sometimes when I am scrolling down my Facebook page I see things that annoy the f*** out of me. But if you are a free spirit and don´t care what anybody thinks you won´t care :) Here it is anyways: 

1. Statuses like these: 
"I am so happy, life is great!“
"I love my boyfriend sooo much“
"Life is awesome“

Seriously, who are you trying to convince? The people scrolling through your page, or yourself? Because the people who have the need to share statuses like these, or often the people with relationship problems and/or other problems. It´s ok not to be happy all the fr*** time, it is the pretending to be that´s lame!

2. When people make excuses for selfies. If you wanna take a selfie and post it, just do it. Why does it have to be followed by: „I don't care if someone finds this lame“. Just by making this statement you are actually saying that you do care.

3. Five statuses in a row. Why would you do that? You don´t have to tell social media every single thing that goes on in your life. Pick what you share.

4.  Rude comments on photos. That´s just plain cruel. If you dont have something nice to say, it´s better just to shut up. You would´t want someone commenting on one of your photos: „wow, you really look like a fat cow“. Well, when you leave a comment for a skinny/fit person saying: „go eat a hamburger“ or „uuuhhhhgg that´s nasty“, it´s just as rude and insulting. Think about your words before you post them, and how they might affect people. Skinny and fit people have feelings too!

A selfie taken and posted with pride!!


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