Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Icelandic music and Irish days

Since I work in an office 8 hours a day in front of a computer, it is only normal that I like to listen to music at work. I decided to make my own work-playlist on youtube to listen to when I am working on some longer assignments. It makes the work so much easier. The radio is always playing at the office, but it´s just not the same as putting on earphones and listen to your own music and just get lost in it. I made a playlist of only Icelandic music to begin with. I will most definitely be updating it and making more playlists in the future, but this is what I got for now. This is the kind of music I like to listen to when my brain goes in excel-mode LOL. Here you can listen to some Icelandic music if you are curious. Hope you enjoy.

This weekend I will be visiting my parents in my hometown Akranes, which is located about 35 minutes away from the capital city. There is a festival called "Irish days" held there in July every year, I think for 14 years now. It is held to calibrate the Irish forefathers of Akranes. I´m sorry but that´s all I know about it.....maybe this weekend I will try to get some more information about this tradition. There will be lots of fun things to do, all sorts of markets, entertainment, concerts and so much more the whole weekend. I´m gonna take lots of photos and have myself a good time :)

This photo was taken today in Akranes, they are starting to decorate in the Irish colours:

Akranes town square

I can´t wait!!



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