Monday, June 16, 2014

English blogging

I´ve been thinking about blogging in English from now on, since I can tell from the statistics of my blog that is is equally read in UK/USA as it is here in Iceland. So this is my first attempt. Hope my international readers will appreciate :D

I had my measurements taken yesterday by my trainer and the outcome was really really good. I am on track and everything is going very well. My body is toning up, muscles are growing and I´m losing body fat. He´s going to send me the numbers soon, so then I will be able to share them with you, until then I can only tell you that it´s going well :) Now it´s 22 weeks till showtime!

Waist is getting smaller and legs getting leaner :) 

Me at the gym. All sweaty and with my headphones on :) 
I recently started using bloglovin a lot. I signed up a long time ago, but I never used it. But now I am following a lot of new blogs on there and I love it. I recommend it for everyone who has a blog and for those who love to read blogs and want to follow them and organize them to make it easier to read and not miss out on anything :)

Here you can follow my blog on bloglovin!

Me - not in gym clothes :) 

Have a lovely day

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