Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I am a Gemini

Since I was born on May 23rd I am a Gemini. I have always been really proud of being a Gemini, and most of what I read about the sign I can really relate too. Of course I don´t think astrology is the absolute truth but I think it´s very entertaining and interesting to speculate about it. An old friend of mine who was really into all things astrology related once told me that Geminis were one of the most interesting signs, and that´s one of the reasons I am such a proud Gemini ;)

I searched for Gemini quotes on Pinterest and these really spoke to me:

In 2012 I got a Gemini tattoo on my arm. I didn´t want to get that plain Gemini sign that so many people have, so I got one that represent what the sign means; two personalities. It´s not that I believe that I have two different personalities, one good and one evil. Usually I´m all good :) It´s just a tribute to the meaning of it :)

This is the picture I took with me to the tattoo parlor :) 

And here is a photo of me where you can see a glimpse of the tattoo :)
If you want to find quotes about your sign just search it on Pinterest, they have plenty of quotes for all the signs, and photos and tattoos as well :) 


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