Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Workout vol. 2

Here is my glute and hamstring workout from last saturday, as promised. You will need a fully eqiped gym, a lot of time and you should be prepared to sweat a lot :D

Glute and hamstring workout:
15 min walk on incline on treadmill
4x12-15 smith machine lunges (on each leg)
4x12-15 low smith machine squats
4x10-12 kneeling glute kickbacks on smith machine
4x15 reverse hip abduction in abduction machine
15 min stairmaster
4x12 courtusey squats with one dumbell
4x12 one legged stiff legged deadlift with one dumbell
Lying leg curls machine 5x12
15 min walk on incline on treadmill
Hope you will try it out, and enjoy <3 p="">

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