Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Latest news

My bikini arrived from the UK last week! I had it specially made by the lovely Karina´s Sparkle bikinis. She is a genious! Mint green has been my favorite color for a long time, so I just knew I wouldn´t be happy with any other color on my bikini! I am in love with it! Although I sent her some strange measurements for the bottoms (I guess I thought it was smaller than it actually is lol) so she is making me new bottoms at the moment.

How beautiful?
I quit working with my trainer this weekend (because of lack of interest and commitment of his part, I had been waiting for new plans for 3 weeks) and decided to train myself! After all I am a personal trainer and have prepped for a show before, so I know what needs to be done, I just have to stick with it and do it!!! I spent the weekend making my new plans and I am honestly very proud of them! Did day 1 yesterday, and I must say it felt very good. I feel like I am in control and it´s only up to me now. Maybe that´s just what I need to succeed....we will see in 10 weeks I guess :)

My home improvements have been going very well. We changed things up a lot, the whole living room and our bedrooms as well. This is my new "at home working area". This is where the magic happens! lol. But no joke, my online training has been going so well this month, I have a lot of new clients as well as 13 ladies in my 30 day challenge. I am so thankful for every client I get, I love to be able to help others learning how to live a healthier life!

My working area at home :)
My car "Poo" has been giving me trouble for the past few weeks. The oil light comes on, but there is enough oil on. So everytime the light comes on, I have to open the hood and measure it anyways, just in case, because my dad says that if the oil goes out, the engine is ruined! And everytime I do this, the light goes off. So weird! I guess I will have to go to Akranes soon so my dad can check it out, see what the problem is.

A snapchat I sent to my friends while checking the oil

Enjoying icecream at Valdís after all that hard work on my car LOL


Joyce @ It's Your Life said...

Love the color of your suit, as for your car you can take it to Auto Zone and they can do a diagnostic testing for free. I would call, let them know what is happening and if the testing would be helpful for you. This is a down point to computers in the cars. We have a low tire light that is on all the time due to sensor missing in one tire.

Rósa Soffía said...

Thank you Joice, but I don´t think we have Auto Zone in Iceland ;)