Saturday, September 6, 2014

Saturday Booty workout

Have I told you how much I love Saturdays? Not only because I get a cheat meal, but also because I always do a crazy booty workout in the gym! Today was no different.

Geting ready for the gym this morning! 

My workout:

Warm up: 20 minutes walk on incline

4x15 barbell stiff legged deadlifts
4x10 dymbell one leg stiff deadlifts

3x12 sumo squats with one dumbell
3x10 wide stance barb stiff deadlifts

4x10 each leg barbell lunges
4x12 qurtesy squats

4x12 reverse hip abduction machine
4x15 hip abduction machine

4x10 lying leg curls

4x15 leg extensions

20 minutes stairmaster

Me dying and sweating on the stairmaster!!

Yes, I am the annoying snapchat friend who is always sending 
Well, somebody´s gotta be ;) 


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