Thursday, September 11, 2014

Blog makeover and ANTM season 21

I gave my blog a makeover last night. I had been thinking for a while that I wanted to have a cool banner on top and finally I made time for it! I really like how it turned out! I also added a instagram widged on the sidebar, so now you can see what I´m doing over there as well. I post almost everyday (and sometimes more often) on there all sorts of stuff. Don´t be shy to follow me :)

ANTM season 21 is one of those fall series that I am definently gonna be watching. It´s boys and girls again like last season, which I think is quite interesting. I always have favorite contestants and very often they end up winning, or getting second place at least (I guess I´v e watched that many seasons that I know what Tyra likes lol). Me and my daughter love to watch the show together and in the end when Tyra is giving out the photos we always try to guess who´s name she´ll be calling up next. Love, love, love it :)

Here are all the contestants for season 21:

So far my favorites are Lenox, Will, Matthew and Ben :)
Who is your favorite?


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