Friday, September 12, 2014

Five random things

It´s Friday people!! I´ve been so busy this week, it´s crazy! I just finished with one group in my 30 day challenge and then started another one. So I had to make all new meal- and excersise plans for the lovely ladies, meet up with them for measurements and put toghether a closed facebook group for our interactions.

I have also been having a lot of new customers signing up for my online training, I think this is my best month since I started. I am so happy and thankful for that. I have been promoting my posts a little bit on the facebook page, and it is obviously working! I´ve been spending every night this week making meal- and excersise plans and sending them out. I always send the plans out 2-3 days after I get paid, because everybody is always so excited to get started once they´ve signed up!

As I told you before I am my own trainer from now on in this competition prep for my november show. I always thought I needed someone else to train me, to keep me accountable, to keep me motivated. But I guess not. I´ve been killing it this week!! Ate all my meals, drank all my shakes and all my water, did all my cardio, all my workouts and resisted everything that was not on my plans! If I keep going on like this, perhaps I will see my abs sometime soon! I´ve never really had visuable abs, so I really want to know what that feels like!! LOL!! Tomorrow is measurement day, so we´ll see if something happened J

This post was not supposed to be like this….I was just going to post photos of 5 random things on my mind (as the title tells). Well anyway, here they are:
A walk in closet in all white - that is my dream for my future home !!

I´m thinking about adding HIIT home workouts to my cardio :)

Sweaters with leggings is something I NEED for this upcoming winter. Like right now!
Mint green watch!! It could just as well have my name on it!

I am saving up for a vacation to NY next spring with my daughter! Think about it 24/7

Have a lovely Friday


Yvonne Laura said...

New York is always a good idea! Worth saving for

Rósa said...

Oh yes, I can´t wait!! :)