Thursday, August 21, 2014

DYI in the near future...

As I said the other day I am changing things up a bit at my apartment. I started with the living room and moved a few things around. I have a few things I have to buy for decorations/organizing and also I am giving chairs, a table and shelves a makeover. I am watching a lot of DYI videos to get some tips because I´ve never done this before. I don´t know why, but I really want to do it myself! It´s challenging and probably beats watching the TV for a couple of nights :) I took before and after photos of the living room before I changed things up, but of course this is not the finished product, not EVEN CLOSE let me tell you :)

The living room before 

The living room after 
I want to get new drapes, trays on the sofa table, new pillows, shelves on the wall, floor lamp and of course all color coordinated! I am so excited about this! Maybe I can´t do it all at once, but the finish product in my head looks so amazing, it´s so gonna be worth it :) 

Stay tuned


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