Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Typical day for me

I thought it would be fun to show you a typical day in my life these days – as I am 12 and a half week out from my bikini competition!

I will be getting new plans from my coach any day now so I´m guessing the food will be stricter and my cardio will be upped soon. Now I´m doing 40 minutes of cardio 3-4 days a week...I wouldn´t be suprised if he puts me down for 60 minutes 5 days a week! My body has not been responding at all the past few weeks. I´ve been on vacation but never stayed off track for more than 2 days and none of those days was I totally careless about my diet and/or training! So I´m kind of dissapointed...I feel like I should have gotten more progress by now, but I guess my body only responds to ALL OR NOTHING!!! So for the next 12 weeks it´s gonna be just that! I´ve already ordered my bikini and I´ve told myself a million times that I´m not getting on that stage if I´m not at peace with how I look, so I´m gonna have to work, a lot! But I´m ready for it! I think my life is gonna be something like this for the next 3 months:

Woke up at 06:30 for fasted cardio. Went to Sporthúsið Gym at 06:50. Did 40 minutes cardio, drank 1 scoop of Amino Energy (green apple), listened to pop music and burned off about 370 kcal. Such a good way to start the day!

Done with cardio :) 

Then I got home; showered, woke up my daughter Elín for her confirmation seminar, dressed and got ready for work, ate breakfast, took my vitamins and collected my meals for today in my „work“ bag.

My breakfast and my vitamins

Food for the day :) 

My daughter having Lucky charms for breakfast

Ready to go!

Love vitamin tablets - this is calcium and vitamin D 

Worked from 08:30-4:30, I work in an office so I just sit in front of the computer all day long! Elín came to my workplace after her seminar finished at lunch and we went to a book store to buy a book she needs at the seminar, then I took her home and went back to work. We take „coffee“ breaks at work around 10 o´clock and again at 3 o´clock, and lunch somewhere between 12 and 1 J so I have enough time to get all my meals in, and don´t have to eat in front of the computer!

Morning snack - pecan nuts and an apple

This is what my work looks like :) 

Lunch! Chicken breast, sweet potatoes and a salad 

Afternoon snack

After work I drank 1 scoop of Amino energy and headed to Reebok Fitness where I do my weight lifting (I use different gyms for cardio and weight lifting). I was there about 5 o´clock and today on my plans was Back, shoulders and chest plus 15 minutes of cardio afterwards. It took me about 1,5 hours to finish. I drank 1 scoop of 100% whey protein shake in the car on my way home.

Heading to the gym :) 
After gym-selfie!
I got home around 7 o´clock and started by putting away my tupperware boxes from work and the things in my gym bag. I cleaned the „dishes“ (aka boxes), put clothes in the washing machine and put away the clothes I cleaned last night. Then I ran myself a hot bath! After the bath I had a late dinner, and it was the exact same thing I had for lunch! I drank half a liter of lemon water with the dinner. This was about 8 o´clock.

At 10 o´clock I had a few slices of watermelon. Between that time me and Elín watched some TV, did a little bit of cleaning and started to change up our living room. We´ve been living in the same apartment without changes for 4 years now and are in desperate need of change. I will show you before and after photos soon J

Mmmm delicious!
Before I headed to bed I drank 1 scoop of casein protein and had 1 tablet of c-vitamin. I´m going to bed now and I will most definitely have my computer with me and watch one episode of Dominion before I fall asleep (I´m guessing that will be around midnight). Sometimes I go to sleep sooner than this, we just forgot about the time in the apartment changes J

Good night y´all! 


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