Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Do good

This morning was my off day for cardio so when the blood bank messaged me asking if I could come in to give blood I thought to myself that I should do it. It´s not recommended to workout the same day as you give blood, so I thought to myself that this was about my only chance lol. It was very sunny outside FINALLY so I could just skip training after work as well and work on my tan instead!!! :)  So in my lunch break I went to the blood bank and donated blood. I am O-negative, so for a big travelling weekend like the one coming up here in Iceland it is extremely important that they have a lot of emergency blood ready on stock.

Even though I usually let my training be a priority I think sometimes you have to make exceptions. Not to make excuses for every little thing that comes up, but to be smart about it. I always go straight to my gym after work, the only exceptions I make are for matters that can not wait, like events at my daughters school or something. And the blood bank. And Jensen Ackles. I would skip training for him too.

Do any of you donate blood?


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