Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Product review - Veet wax strips

I always like to read product reviews on other blogs and since I am stepping up my blogging game – I thought I would try it out J

I have always wanted to try at home wax strips, but somehow I have been afraid to do so. I always think it´s gonna hurt so much, like when Pheobe and Monica try it on Friends! Lol. But I bought these wax strips from Veet, since they are affordable and available in most supermarkets and decided to finally give it a go!

I was acutally very surprised how easy it was!! You just have to rub the strips between your hands for 5 seconds and then they are ready to use! I did my bikini area (that´s why you won´t be seeing any before and after photos haha) and I used 8 strips. You can actually use the same strip about 3 times.

The pack includes tissues to use afterwards to clean off the wax remainders and they did just that! I was also very happy with the instructions – for a home wax beginner like me – it was so very easy to follow them.

And most importantly – it didn´t hurt that much!!! Of course it´s not nice (not at all), but I have tried regular wax and chockolate wax at saloons and OHMYGOD, that´s forteen times more painful than these strips. So for control freaks like me – this is the sh**t. It´s been 5 days now since I waxed and it still looks good J If I had shaved, I could not be saying the same thing lol....

I highly recommend these wax strips from Veet if you are tired of shaving and want to try out at home waxing.


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