Wednesday, September 17, 2014

My favorite Fall TV series

Even though summer is my favorite time of the year by far - I also love when September starts, because that´s when all the good TV shows start airing again! I am such a nerd that I organize all my favorite series in a excel document, I write down when they start, which new series are maybe worth checking out and then I make a calendar with the shows I intend to watch. I get teased at work for being this overly organized, and all day everybody was asking/telling me I should put it up in excel (about literally any subject that came up)!! LOL!! I really don´t mind being "teased" about this, because being organized is kind of my thing. I like to do it - and I like to follow plans and be able to cross things off when finished. To me it´s not a flaw - it´s a quality! This is a part of me that I have accepted and am proud of. I have always been a nerd, and will always be a nerd!! And that´s ok :) Somebody´s gotta play that part, right?

As if I wasn´t enough of a nerd to you before talking about my excel-fetish, here is my second addiction: TV shows. Yes, I follow A LOT of TV shows. Some I watch right away after they are released, others I catch up on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Let´s face it, I have just as many hours in a day as you guys so I´m not watching many shows per day. I spend 8 hours at work each day, 2-3 hours at the gym, 1 hour in the car, 7 hours sleeping and the rest at home doing everything that we have to do at home. So when I go to bed at night I usually watch 1-3 shows depending on how long they are and how tired I am. I hardly ever watch movies, TV shows are my kryptonite that´s for sure!

Here is a little sneak peek of my excel masterpiece!! ;)

These are my favorite ones starting again this fall. Pink ones I am most excited about!

These are new series that you might wanna check out. I am curious about the Blue ones :) 
 What are your favorite Fall TV series? 


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xabz Mukuba said...

my favorite shows are back, i am very excited :)