Thursday, August 14, 2014

My top 10 favorite fitness girls - for motivation

Every now and then I feel like I lack motivation. Not only to maintain a clean diet, but also to go and workout. Every time I wake up in the morning to do my cardio I scroll down my instagram and before I know it I am in beast mode - ready to go out and KILL that cardio!! I follow a lot of fitness people on instagram to get that motivation, and my 10 favorite fitness girls to follow are these (and if you are interested in fitness at all you should go follow them too):

1. Michelle Bishop (was Michelle Davis until she got married very recently). She used to compete in physique but is now just training to be a bad ass for life!! (she says so herself here). She is very active on instagram, with selfies, goofy videos, workout videos, boot camp photos and a lot of other stuff. If I would have to choose only ONE fitness person to follow, I would choose her!!

2. Nathalia Melo. If you are interested in fitness at all, you know who she is. She is famous for her Brazilian booty and she is a bikini fitness pro. She was the first bikini competitor I knew by name and her instagram/facebook has lots of workout videos with new variations of exercises we know and funny sarcastic quotes as well.

3. Amanda Latona. If you want to get a bigger booty you should follow her, because that is definitely her specialty. She is a bikini fitness pro and is known for her booty and has her very own signature booty-pose!

4. Nicole Wilkins. One of the best figures in the business!!! She is a figure pro competitor, has won the Olympia and Arnold numerous times. Now she is prepping for the Olympia and watching her progress on instagram is OUT OF THIS WORLD!!

5. Ingrid Romero. She used to be a bikini competitor but now she works as a fitness model and owns Team Edge with her husband, and they train HUNDREDS of girls all around the world. She has 2 year old twin boys and is always in tip top shape! She came to Iceland for an expo once so I have a photo of myself with her!!! She is so nice and always posting good stuff on instagram :)

6. Anna Starodubstova. She is a Russian bikini competitor with a totally different look than all the other ones. She is very tall and has short blond hair....which makes her stand out on stage! She is very real on instagram and shares both her struggles and conquers. I really like her and find her posts very inspirational!

7. India Paulino. I never used to be a fan of hers really. But last week that changed. She had been prepping for a show and I noticed that she was leaner then before, and after the show I saw photos on her page and well, she completely changed her look!! I absolutely love her new look and am definitely motivated to see how you can really change your body if you just put in the work!!

AND now for my favorite Icelandic fitness girls to follow:

8. Margrét Gnarr. She is our very first bikini fitness pro (in IFBB) here in Iceland!! She is now prepping for a show and is very active on instagram about her progress, she also posts workout videos and videos/photos of her just drinking coffee or eating chicken while her boyfriend eats cakes and fries in front of her LOL. If that´s not motivating, I don´t know what is!! :)

9. Rannveig Hildur. She is a bikini competitor and is also prepping for a show. She posts a lot of workout videos and meal photos, so you can get a lot of fresh ideas about your diet and workouts!

10. Ragga Nagli (that´s her nickname, not her actual name). She is kind of famous here in Iceland as a fitness guru!! She is also an expert in food porn!! She can make all kind of cakes, puddings and pancakes clean from scratch and she also gives very motivational rants :) 

If you click their names you go straight to their instagram/facebook pages :) 

Now, tell me who are you following for fitness motivation??



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