Friday, August 29, 2014


Who doesn´t love Fridays?? I know I do!! As you can see I changed the theme colour on my blog from green to purple, looks way better now I think. I really want to add some cool top banner as well, but I can´t decide on any photo. Maybe I will make a collage sometime soon of some of my favorite photos and see how that works.

Yesterday I got a call just before noon from my daughters school. She fell and had probably broken her arm! Yikes! I rushed off work and went to pick her up and we went straight to the emergency room. We were there for about 2 and a half hour, and the verdict was: a broken wrist. My poor little baby girl :(

But she is such a Warrior! She even went babysitting a few hours after we got home! She is babysitting a 5/6 year old boy so she doesn´t have to hold him or anything like that. But what a hero anyways! And she went to school this morning, although I had to help her get dressed and do her hair. It´s her left wrist that is broken, and of course she is left handed, so the simplest thing will be kind of a struggle. Like brushing hair, writing, putting on socks and so on....but she is such a brave girl, I have no worries what so ever!!

Tomorrow morning I am going with my friend to Reebok Fitness and we are going to try out a few of the new group classes they are introducing. It´s going to be an open house the whole day so everyone is welcome. The classes we signed up for are Bike Fit, Hot Body, Hot Core and Stretching. We will be at it fore 4 hours, with food breaks of course! Gonna be so much fun! Maybe I´ll take some photos :)

Have a lovely friday

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