Monday, August 25, 2014

JT concerts

So, as you know I went to see Justin Timberlake last night. He was here in Iceland, believe it or not, and I think there were about 17.000 people at the concert. Biggest in Iceland yet! By far - the best concert I´ve ever been to! I´ve been a Justin fan since day 1, so no wonder maybe - lol. Even though my feet were killing me and my neck was hurting (I am very small and I had to stretch my neck the whole time to see something), it was soooo totally worth it! Incredible - amazeballs - unbelievable!  

Ready to go!

My girl having pizza at the concert

Me and Magga, my friend of 14 years!


This girl had a good time :) 

The man!

This is how my view was on the stage! Thank god there were big screens as well :) 

JT in action


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