Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday wishlist

I love Fridays!!

The weekend is almost here and the atmosphere is somehow just so chill and lovely. This morning I woke up again at 06:30 and did 40 minutes of fasted cardio. It is such a good feeling afterwards, I just feel so accomplished and staisfied. Like I can really do this thing!!

This weekend is going to be a relaxing weekend for me. My daughter is on a camping trip with her father so I´m just home alone. I´m gonna workout (of course), paint my nails, wash my hair, give myself a beauty treatment (as in eyebrows and facial mask), watch girlie movies and have me some candy!!

I´m trying to not go shopping. These days there are so many things I want....but I am trying to safe up for a New York trip and therefore minimize all unnessacery shopping until then. It´s so hard!!! There are so many beautiful things I want. I will probably convince myself that they are nessacery one of these

This Nike vest is to die for!! The mint green one would look good on me in the gym, I just know it!!

Meal bag for work!! How awesome would this be for all my meals??

Home decoration....these would look good upon a shelf in my living room

These Lindex cozy pants look so cute!

I think I just have to have these Nike´s. Too beautiful to not buy!!

Salted caramel Ben & Jerry. Never seen this flavor in Iceland - would love to taste!

Well, let´s just hope and pray that I don´t cave in and buy all this
Have a lovely weekend guys

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